Plastic Impulse Bag Sealer 300mm

Plastic Impulse Bag Sealer 300mm

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Hand Sealer for all plastic films, laminated films
Aluminum film sealing
The machine is simple to operate
Precision Electronic Control Circuit for heat
Labor-saving design with long handle
Adjustable timer creates perfect seals for varying bag thickness
10cm/20cm/30cm/40cm long sealing element
Ideal for sealing plastics bags, polythene, bubble wrap etc.
Auto LED shut-off indicator light
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Power: 450W

Voltage: 110V

Heat Time: 0.2s – 1.5s

Sealing length: 300mm / 11811 mil

Sealing width: 2mm / 78.7mil

Max sealing thickness: 0.06mm / 2.36 mil

What's in the box?

1x Plastic Sealer 300mm