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Masushita BBSM Coffee Pack of 30 Sachets

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•    Vitality supplement
•    Made with natural herbs

Dosage and directions of use:
Take 1 satchet with 100/150ml of warm water

Masushita BBSM Sex Coffee is a unique combination of natural herbs, vitamins and minerals that has been shown to improve overall sexual experience. The natural ingredients have been added to high quality freeze dried coffee, for a great tasting warm beverage, with a boost when you need it most.

Enhance Sexual Desire in both Men and Women.

•    Fine coffee            9.50g
•    Ginseng extract        0.75g
•    Epimedium Extract        0.75g
•    Goji Extract        0.50g
•    Rehmannia Extract        0.50g

•    Keep out of reach of children
•    Not suitable for pregnant women