Car Xenon High Intensity Discharge Kit

Car Xenon High Intensity Discharge Kit

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Specially-designed xenon lamps adopt high-tech material.

It features low power consumption and long service life
Waterproof and dustproof HID meets the high standards of product quality
HID lamps with good color temperature will improve the performance of a car
Xenon lamps are characterized by enhanced durability and shock resistance
This xenon lamps with AC 55W power will bring you unprecedented comfort and safe driving at night


New rubber unibody structure leads to better heat dissipation, reducing the number of points of failure
High intensity and water-resistance, shock-resistance provides an environment free from outside distraction
Startup protection and circuit protection strengthen the ability to deal with trouble
With the Zone Tech 55W Ac Slim Digital Ballast, you will have increased comfort and safety at nighttime driving.
Consuming 35% less power and heat during operation, the HID headlamp provides lengthier service life than regular halogen bulbs.
Simply plug and play to your existing HID kit and see the instant change; night and day.


Voltage input: 9-16V
Voltage range: 13.2V
Current specification: 4.2A
Maximum current: 6A
Power output:?55W
Working temperature: -40~ + 105 Centidrgee.
HID efficiency: 98.68%, 3,200 LM.
Life expectancy: 2500 hours
Certification: E4 and ISO-9001: 2000 approval
Lamp size and color temperature available
Bulb size: H1, H3, H4, H7, H8
Ballast power: 55W