Red Dragon – Sexual Performance Pills (4)


Pharmacological action:
This product is made from pure natural raw materials by the latest complex nanometer extraction techniques. Natural raw materials are powdered to be highly refined and therefor highly concentrated. The body absorbs the tablets rapidly and is effective in 30 minutes, persisting in the body for 36 hours to 72 hours with marked effects in response to any sexual stimulus physical , visual, auditory and olfactory. This product does not contain pharmaceutical ingredients or any internationally prohibited substances. This product enhances sexual vitality and vigor, resulting in tumescent, enlarged and strong erection.Indications:This product enhances sexual vitality and vigor, and thus helping to alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.Classified as a Chinese herbal product, it has no pharmaceutical ingredients. * Enhances erections in men of all ages * All Natural — No Prescription Required!* Promotes stronger orgasms* Controls premature ejaculation* Improves Sexual performance – Makes Strong Man Stronger* Works fast within 30 – 45 minutes* Keeps Penis fatter and ready for fast erection for up to 72 hours* Increases the androgen levels and sperm count* Has no harmful side effects.